Copywriting – Clear explanation

This copywriting example is taken from a course designed to help people running small bottling plants in Africa to make better decisions around bottle washing and sterilising. As learners have varying levels of education and English language capability the instruction is clear, uncomplicated and too-the-point. The purpose of this text is to increase learners’ motivation

Copywriting – Character (hacker)

Instead of simply listing the risks of poor password security in my Password Essentials eLearning course I created Simon, a hacker, who brags to learners about his escapades. In this copywriting example Simon talks us through how he attacked three of his victims. The style is appropriately conversational and punchy. Jacob I used password-cracking software to access

Copywriting – Blog post

Relevant and targeted towards its audience, this post from my blog uses humour and rhetorical questions to engage readers. AI is coming to eLearning. Prepare to be disappointed. As someone who grew up with 2000AD, I can’t help sitting down at my computer every day and wondering what went wrong. Why don’t I have a robot