Copywriting – Character (hacker)


Instead of simply listing the risks of poor password security in my Password Essentials eLearning course I created Simon, a hacker, who brags to learners about his escapades. In this copywriting example Simon talks us through how he attacked three of his victims.

The style is appropriately conversational and punchy.


I used password-cracking software to access Jacob’s weak email password. When I got in I pieced together everything I needed – address, date of birth, who he banks with, along with work and salary details. With a few phone calls and a bit of “the gift of the gab” I got what I needed from the bank and then I hacked the last stages. I transferred £3k before the account was locked. No holiday this year Jacob!


I reckon I’ll make good money from Luke’s weak security. It didn’t take me more than ten minutes to get through the login on Luke’s work’s web-based customer details system. I then downloaded a decent sized portion of the database. I’m now waiting for the results of the online auction to see how much I get for it. What will the buyers do with that data? Who knows? Who cares!


This one was just for fun. Melissa annoyed me with the comments she was making on social media. Piecing together what I saw on her profile I was able to guess her email password. There was lot of interesting stuff in there – and emails from years and years ago. I wonder what her ex will say when he gets the email I sent him from “her”! Can’t wait to find out – I’ve changed the password so the account’s mine now!