Development – JavaScript, HTML and Triggers

What is it? Storyline can do a lot, but sometimes you need a little more power. This mobile proof of concept module allows users to clarify and organise their career preferences using a drag and drop and then see their results on one clear, long HTML page. JavaScript is a key element of this solution.

Development – Classic Blue (ELC #264)


What is it? Software company Articulate run weekly eLearning Challenges. This week the challenge was to use the Pantone “Classic Blue” colour, along with some shades. For the core of the idea I used the idea of the night sky getting gradually darker. Technical highlights Attractive design with attention to detail (watch the lights go

Development – Swamp Wars (ELC #262)


What is it? Software company Articulate run weekly eLearning Challenges.  With the launch of the new Star Wars film they challenged eLearning professionals to use their Storyline software to create anything a) fun and b) Star Wars related. I created a very short game, just for fun (and to demonstrate technical skills). The project won

Development – Password essentials

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What is it? A smart corporate compliance eLearning course with a quiz assessment to ensure learning. Technical highlights An attractive custom menu Clear bold design navigable on desktop and mobile A responsive design that automatically resizes to fit any screen Built in Articulate Storyline 360 LAUNCH THE COURSE LET’S TALK

Development – Scenario eLearning

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What is it? This example section of an eLearning scenario puts you in the shoes of an engineer for an IT services company. Can you ask the right questions to ascertain whether you can make a successful installation with this client? Can you do so without blowing your credibility? Technical highlights Complex interactions using advanced

Development – Responsive eLearning

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What is it? A food safety eLearning course for overseas construction workers living in company accommodation. Technical highlights A fully responsive responsive design that rearranges content, making it clear and straight-forward on any device. Try viewing on a phone or tablet (or resize your browser). Drag’n’drop and quizzes provide interaction to keep learners engaged. Built

Development – Branching scenario eLearning

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What is it? This responsive eLearning course is designed to help people running small bottling plants in Africa make better decisions around bottle washing and sterilising. It combines classic eLearning course features with a rich branching scenario. Learning design highlights Assessment relates strongly to the course aim: In the branching scenario learners must make the