Bespoke eLearning for your team

Whether working directly for companies who need eLearning, or eLearning agencies keen to please clients, I create high quality eLearning solutions through a iterative design process. If you have a particular way of working, I am comfortable with any of the dominant instructional design/development processes.

A typical project:

  1. Kick off: What problem are you trying to solve? What do you want your people to do differently as a result of this eLearning? What are the constraints you are working within?
  2. Project plan: The key milestones and deliverables of the project are defined so you know exactly what to expect and when.
  3. Storyboard: An initial text draft of your course structure and the key content is created.
  4. The prototype and initial builds: A bare bones version of most of the representative parts of your course – for you to review.
  5. Delivery of your course: Your completed course is delivered, along with the full production files so that you can make any changes you desire without additional cost.