Instructional design

ID Models (5/5): Which should I use?

In this brief series of posts I have briefly introduced;

  • ADDIE: A sequential process that, in its classic form, gives you only one shot at meeting everyone’s needs and expectations.
  • Rapid Prototyping: A flexible but less defined process of creating multiple prototypes to test and learn as you go.
  • Successive Approximation Model (SAM): A more structured form of Rapid Prototyping.

Let’s not over-complicate things. Each model is essentially a different way of doing the same things; thinking about what you are trying to achieve, building something and then evaluating what you’ve built. The big new idea that has become almost universally agreed upon is that iterating/prototyping almost always leads to better results.

Most teams take an iterative approach to their use of models. They try them out, see how they work and alter them to suit their needs and their organisations. As long as your team is on the same page, why not just do what works?